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Italian Menu is here!

 Menus are rotate monthly on the 15th. August’s menu will be Spain and Portugal.



Caprese   14
Burrata mousse, heirloom tomato, basil, mint, honey balsamic reducton and crouton flakes

Sarde Fritte    13
Fried sardines topped with tomato sauce and orange zest

Pork & Fontina Tortellini   16
Beech mushrooms, pickled onions, caramelized apples, rhubarb, vegetable powder and light beef broth served tableside



Gurguglione   25
Roast of vegetables and heirloom tomatoes. Layered with a mozarella goat cheese sauce, served with green bell pepper coulis

Cornish Hen Cacciatore   31
Half cornish and roasted vegetable stew with carrot and potato gnocchi

Grande Palla di Carne    28
Caul fat wrapped meatball, pancetta, mushrooms and thin spaghetti with tomato sauce

Mackerel Crudo Salad   27
Frisse, arugula, fennel, granny smith apple, pomegranate, crisp carrot crumbs, white grapes, marcona almonds & grape fruit vinaigrette



Strawberry Panna Cota   14
Feta cheese crumbs, grape must, pistachio dust and Disaronno coral cake

Frutta e Merengue   13
Clementine oranges, raspberries and cucumbers in their natural syrup with mint and lemon zest

Zabaione    14
Light custard foam of reserve vermouth topped with dry apples, dark chocolate chunks and ladyfinger crumbs


June’s menu was French.  Menus are rotated monthly on the 15th.


Roasted Duck & Goat Cheese Salad   18

Truffle cream, peaches, figs, blend of seeds, arugula, sorrel and grape must dressing

Fondue Bar   22

Bread sticks, roasted potato, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, bayonne dates escargot and fried quail eggs

Sliced Beef Filo Cup   13

Crispy capers, mustard aioli, arugula, coffee chocolate Parmesan shavings



Chicken Vermicelli   26

Gruyere, caramelized onions, shredded croutons and carrot butter

Fillet Mignon in Au Jus   33

Smoked potato foam, zucchini powder, heirloom carrots and asparagus

Lobster Thermidor Gratin   29

Marble potatoes, caviar, tarragon cream, peas and quail egg yolk



Box of Sweets   14

Opera cake, passion fruit and raspberry petit fours, black berry tart, plum and peach danishes

       Crème Brulee   13     

Lavender infused crust and berries

Dark Chocolate Mousse   11

Red wine butter cream, candied clementines and almost burnt cream